The market is changing and selling wine by the glass is literally changing and innovating the consumption's habits both for the costumers and the retailers; diWine® follows this change, it simplifies its process and it accelerates its evolution.

The customers will have the opportunity to taste different wines during the same meal, or to order different wines for each commensals, or to order a great wine by the glass.

For every occasion becomes an experience to remember.

  • The procedure “washing bottle's neck” is patented and it eliminates completely the oxygen from the bottle's neck as soon as the bottle is uncorked so that it guarantees a longer preservation of the wine.
  • Temperature guaranteed between 4° and 25° Celsius
  • Easy to use and to install (an electric plug is enough to start the machine)
  • It adapts to any location and design
  • The dispenser is certified by CSI for food use, as a matter of fact, in order to guarantee the unaltered quality of the wine, we designed it entirely with materials certified for the food usage. The wine does not touch any material that could alter the wine characteristics.
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